FROGGIT DL5000 Weather Data Logger

Posted on Sun 28 October 2018 in projects • Tagged with weather, data logger, dl5000, froggit

The Data Logger

Froggit DL5000

Some time ago I've bought a Froggit weather data logger with the intention to connect it to my home server. I've chosen this one as it was the cheapest device I came across with an USB port and some sort of Software.

This Device is actually sold …

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Arch-linux: Remote unlock root-volume with mdraid and dmcrypt

Posted on Sun 26 February 2017 in linux • Tagged with arch, linux, mdadmin, dmcrypt


Some time ago I decided to switch my dedicated server from debian to arch, since it was the last of my machines to run on debian. whether or not it's a good idea to use arch on a dedicated server is up for you to decide.

I've got to …

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Posted on Sat 25 February 2017 in misc • Tagged with ramblings

I've finally decided to clean up this mess and document my mistakes for the future.

Still need to get rid of the default template.

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Tales of a lazy developer

Posted on Sun 22 January 2017 in programming • Tagged with python, sqlalchemy, dontdothisathomekids

Some say laziness makes a good developer. I don't know if that's always true.

Anyhow, just like everybody else, I hate typing, so I've created some helpers for sqlalchemy to get rid of the boring stuff in creating ORM-Classes

import sqlalchemy.orm.exc
from sqlalchemy import Column, ForeignKey, Integer, String …

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Super Flipdot Bros.

Posted on Thu 26 March 2015 in projects • Tagged with flipdot, super mario, projectdump

Super Mario Bros, the NES classic reinterpreted on a flipdot display.

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Brose Vollmatrix

Posted on Tue 26 August 2014 in projects • Tagged with hacking, flipdot, avr, i²c, iic, c

Let's say it's the beginning of December and you lurk on ebay trying to find something to spend your time with while everyone is with their family on christmas. And suddenly you stumble over this gem

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